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** Important **
Amanda is currently taking a sabbatical and is not seeing clients. Please check back regularly for updates.

Counselling services

Amanda's counselling sessions will help you develop resilience, strength and safety within you.


What is somatic therapy?

Somatic techniques guide the body to discharge past events as a sensation rather than continuing to store them as memories.


Touch Therapy

People generally leave touch sessions feeling a sense of calmness and with more space in their bodies.

"Sometimes finding an appropriate path forward requires a new map. But even with this map the unseen potholes and bumps will need some negotiation skills" - Amanda Howe


COUNSELLor northern beaches & north shore sydney

I trust we all have this map within us, detailing our unique history. Our map reveals our ways of connecting and disconnecting from others in relationships. It features the way we have been protecting ourselves. It also outlines the path we have travelled and the path we hope for.

Sometimes our map has become faded and worn, but its still there and unmistakably marked with our personal fingerprint.

My role is to help you interpret the patterns and programs that have influencing your past choice. This will in turn develop more resilience, strength and a greater sense of safety and security within you.  Amanda's qualifications »

During sessions, I will be familiarise you with body sensations which are always present, but often unconscious. Re-telling our stories without this body awareness is comparable to having an old recorded stuck, like an echo. This repeating cycle keeps us from walking our path of choice. 

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